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Published: 17th November 2010
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Most of the people now a days are asking one serious question …that how can we get our Ex Girlfriends back in our lives.There are some question which you should ask yourself first. What have you done to get ur Ex Girlfriend Back? Did you do anything stupid to irritate her and make her angrier? There are certain Dos and Dons to get your girlfriend back and of course you must make sure you use only the surefire tips and methods to get your girlfriend back without doing anything silly. Bottom line, you still need to have some plans to make sure that your relationship can last after that.Here are some surefire tips on how to get my Ex girlfriend Back.

Following are the things you should do (the do's):

1. Give your ex girlfriend some time and space. For a while don't even try to contact her in any way. This might be counter-intuitive and hard for you to do but is a very important thing to remember if you want your girl back. This cooling-off period will also give her the chance to miss you if you still have a place in her heart.

2. Improve every aspect your life so that you become an attractive and desirable person, perhaps even more so than when you first met your ex girlfriend. Do the things you love, have fun, live a healthy lifestyle, learn to relax, and read a personal development book. Those are just a few suggestions. You can certainly add more.

3. Get in touch with your ex girlfriend. Yes, you do eventually have to contact her but make it short, casual, and cool. Just let her know that you still exist and have an interest in her. For instance, send her a birthday or Christmas card with just a few words telling her you're thinking of her and remembering the good times you had together. You may even add a little humor to remind her that you're a fun loving guy. Whatever you do, don't overdo it or bring up past issues. The way she responds will determine your next move.

Here are some list of Dons:

1. Don't chase after her or pester her in any way. Some people get really aggressive here. They nag their ex girlfriend, calling and texting her all day telling her how really sorry they are, how miserable they are without her, and begging her to come back. How would you feel being harassed like that if you were her?

2. Don't isolate yourself from your friends and stop having fun. You will just get more depressed and have a negative attitude about life which is not conducive to having a healthy relationship.

3. Don't try to get back at your ex girlfriend by hooking up with another girl. While you need to keep your options open, you shouldn't get into a new relationship when you're still in love with your ex just to get her attention. This is not fair to the new girlfriend.

These are some simple tips and techniques on how to get my ex girlfriend back.

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